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Astrologer Predicts India vs Sri Lanka in World Cup 2011 Semi Final

According to a local astrologer (Jyotish) in Mawanella, central Sri Lanka; we are most likely to witness a repeat version of the first semi-final of 1996 Wills World Cup, and only the results this time seems to be different. The astrologer predicts a strong star for Sri Lanka in the 2011 cricket world cup, only second to India's stronger star.

A Sri Lankan local daily (in Sinhala language) published this story on Tuesday. According to the article, Mr. Bandara; a popular astrologer in central Sri Lanka made this prediction reading what it is called as the “Sri Lanka Kendra” (Horoscope of Sri Lanka), and individual horoscopes of Kumar Sangakkara and few other key players in the team. He has taken into account the exact times, each match in the world cup is scheduled to start at. The time at which, a match is scheduled to start can be either ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ for each team. Depending on various other astrological factors, he then predicts the outcomes of each match in the group stage.

Most of the predictions are not surprising but according to Mr.Bandara, there can be some surprises particularly in the group B. South Africa is predicted as one of the most unlucky teams in group B, and according to Mr. Bandara’s prediction there is a chance that they suffer a loss in the hands of either Bangladesh or Ireland in the group stage.

The article reads, Sri Lanka is having a strong star in the run-up for the World Cup, as in general this is one of the strongest and luckiest periods in Sri Lanka’s horoscope. Only India is having better luck in the start timing of their group stage matches. Mr. Bandara assumes, Indian cricket authorities have consulted astrologers when deciding India’s match schedule in the World Cup.

According to his prediction, it is highly likely Sri Lanka will encounter India in the semi-final, in which India will have a better advantage astrologically. If the match gets delayed by at least 45 minutes, the luck will turn into Sri Lanka’s hand according to the predictions.

The newspaper says, the astrologist have accurately predicted the 2004 Tsunami and the end of civil war in Sri Lanka in the past.

Astrology play a major role in day to day life in sub-continent. The accuracy and truth of these predictions can only be verified once the world cup is over.

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