Friday, March 21, 2014

My predictions on upcoming matches in T20 World Cup 2014

Please note that these predictions were made before starting the Super 10 Matches

Red color is the winning country according to my predictions
  • Match 13

    Match 13, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 21st 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 14

    Sri Lanka
    South Africa
    Match 14, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 22nd 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 15

    New Zealand
    Match 15, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 22nd 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 16

    Match 16, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 23rd 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 17

    West Indies
    Match 17, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 23rd 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 18

    New Zealand
    South Africa
    Match 18, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 24th 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 19

    Sri Lanka
  • Match 20

    West Indies
  • Match 21

    South Africa
    Match 21, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 27th 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 22

    Sri Lanka
    Match 22, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 27th 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 23

    West Indies
    Match 23, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 28th 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 24

    Match 24, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 28th 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 25

    New Zealand
    Match 25, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 29th 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 26

    South Africa
    Match 26, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 29th 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 27

    Match 27, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 30th 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 28

    Match 28, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    March 30th 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 29

    Match 29, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 31st 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 30

    Sri Lanka
    New Zealand
    Match 30, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.
    March 31st 2014
    1:30pm GMT
  • Match 31

    Match 31, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    April 1st 2014
    9:30am GMT
  • Match 32

    West Indies
    Match 32, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    April 1st 2014
    1:30pm GMT

At this place according to my above predictions, Team's points will be like below. With the net run rate West Indies will be in first place.

Group 1 -
Predicted Correctly (Though the points are different the order is predicted correctly)

Sri Lanka 8

South Africa 6

New Zealand 4

England 2

Netharland 0

Group 2

West Indies 6
India 6
Pakistan 4
Australia 4
Bangladesh 0

  • Semi Final 1

    Sri Lanka Predicted Correctly(Semi Final Selected)
    India Predicted Correctly(Semi Final Selected)
    Semi Final 1, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    April 3rd 2014
    1:00pm GMT
  • Semi Final 2

    West Indies Predicted Correctly (Semi Final Selected)
    South Africa Predicted Correctly(Semi Final Selected)
    Semi Final 2, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    April 4th 2014
    1:00pm GMT
  • Final

    Sri Lanka - Predicted Correctly VS South Africa
    Final, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur.
    April 6th 2014
    1:00pm GMT

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who will win ICC T20 World Cup 2014 - My Prediction

I am very happy that most of the people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are following my blog and specially my predictions.

You wont believe Some are saying that they are doing the betting also by looking at my predictions.

But i must say that im not an astrologist or someone, But a huge fan of cricket. I just analyze the squad and their current team and the form they are in, and the pitch conditions and predicting them. But i think it's reliable than astrology :) . But do not blame me if you lost in betting ;)

But as T20 is a format that can change my prediction from one ball, But fortunately in 2012 T20 World Cup i could predict most of the games correctly (90%). Here if you like to have a look at it

Stay tuned i am gonna predict the T20 2014 world cup predictions also before starts the Super 10 Matches, As in these qualifying round do not have anything to predict as surely Bangladesh and Ireland going to Super 10.

So stay tuned :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

ICC World T20 World Cup 2014

Hi Guyz,

After a long time isn't it ? My blog's background image was T20 world cup 2012. That means it's almost near 2 years that i have not added a post. So just thought to add a post as the ICC World T20 World Cup 2014 is going to start soon in Bangladesh. It will be an awesome tournament.

For now here i have shared the Theme Song of ICC World T20 World Cup 2014.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Different team for T20 for Sri Lanka ??

Asantha De mel said recently (

"We will pick a young side with players who can make a clean strike of the ball,” he said.Sri Lanka batsmen were greatly exposed in the final the way the West Indies batsmen went about hitting sixes and clearing the boundary almost at will to reach a respectable total of 137 for six after scoring just 32 runs in the first ten overs. They hit a total of seven sixes in the final.
When it was Sri Lanka’s turn to bat none of their front line batsmen were able to clear the boundary and the only six that was hit came from tailender Nuwan Kulasakara.“We really have to assess the situation and start building a team of T20 cricketers for the next World T20 in Bangladesh in 2014,” said De Mel.
“We need to find some strong hitters who can clear the boundary successfully. Players like Mahela Jayawardene and Angelo Mathews don’t have the power so they adopt different methods to score runs like the scoop and the reverse sweep. Even playing those strokes you need the strength to clear the fielders,” he said."

I dont know how many of you will agree to him :) but I have a suggestion for the T20 Squad for Sri Lanka. Here they are

Angelo Mathews
Thisara Perera
Nuwan Kulasekara
Lasith Malinga
Ajantha Mendis
Jeewan Mendis
Dilshan Munaweera
Chamara kapugedara
Mahela Udawaththa
Kaushalya Weerarathne
Ferviz Maharoof
Banuka Rajapakshe
Dhammika Prasad
Kanishka Alvitigala
Shaminda Eranga

What do you think ??

Friday, August 24, 2012

It is time to predict the winners of T20 World Cup 2012

Hi Guyz,

Hope you can remember i have predicted the World cup 2011 as well earlier. but some works as it is some didn't. but anyway i thought it's fun to predict something before it's happening whether it will be same as it is or not.

So i will get the whole fixture of the t20 world cup and predict it one by one.

I will put the color green to the winning team and the details about the predictions will follow under each match, and will update the prediction become right or wrong as the tournament goes on

Group C : 1st T20 - Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe = Predicted Correctly

No wonder srilanka will win over zimbabwe as we all know there's no need to compare srilanka and zimbabwe in cricket at the moment, but do not forget this is the shorter format of cricket, anything can happen. but sri lanka will win this one without any issue.

Group B : 2nd T20 - Australia vs Ireland Predicted Correctly

Do i need to predict this ? :) yes of course Aussies will go through and they will try to get the maximum out of this game like let their players to get in to form in sub continent pitches.

Group A : 3rd T20 - India vs Afghanistan Predicted Correctly

Looks like we can see such a wonderful matches upfront of the world cup, it's like elephant competing with ant :). Indian will win this match with a big margin for sure.

Group C : 4th T20 - South Africa vs Zimbabwe Predicted Correctly

Just like the Aussies, Africans also will get this match as their practice match and get the best out of it and will win it without much effort.

Group D : 5th T20 - New Zealand vs Bangladesh = Predicted Correctly

Hardest game so far to predict. isnt it ? because not like in the history, now Bangladesh is a very good team with getting more experience in t20s with playing other country's leagues and their own BPL as well. now they have a good team with much experience. and the best thing is almost their all the players came to play in SLPL and they know about the conditions in Sri Lanka very much compare to other countries.

But i think still they will not able to win over New Zealand as their power hitters will come in to action and cramp the Banlagesh team and kiwis will win this one.

Group A : 6th T20 - England vs Afghanistan = Predicted Correctly

Here comes the depending champions of world t20. they were brilliant in 2010 but will they able to do the same in 2012 in sub continent country Sri Lanka ? and looks like the Kevin Peterson also will not include to the squad, and it will cost them a lot. but anyway England is far better than Afganistan to beat Afganisthan.

Group C : 7th T20 - Sri Lanka vs South Africa = Predicted Wrong (But have to say if the game went for 20 overs Sri Lanka should have win, as lankans dominated to plan the inning for 20 overs ) Anyway if Sri Lanka could send Thisara Perera one down, and Mathews two down they could have win this one.

Best match so far of the tournament, even i cannot predict this as like i did to previous matches without any hesitation. because both teams are fully power packed teams in various ways. one advantage to Sri Lanka is they are playing in their soil, and also the bowlers like Lasith Malinga, will be a headache to them for sure. though srilankan batsmen could not do much in this match, srilankan bowlers will dominated in this match and Sri Lanka will win this one. but it will not easy for the lankans. it will be a very close match.

Group B : 8th T20 - Australia vs West Indies Predicted Wrong (This also decided with duck worth Lewis, but if the match gone for total 20 overs, my prediction should have been true)

You amazed with this prediction ? do not be amazed. i want to tell you few names only then you will realize there's nothing to be amazed :). Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Andrew Russel. What do you think now ? will the young and new Aussie team can match this giant west indies team ? my guess is no. because west indies is one of the favorite in  this tournament, but they have to put their all strengths together if they want to become the t20 champions this time. but first shock of the tournament i would say, Aussie will lost in this match as the conditions also bit familiar to west indies than aussies.

Group D : 9th T20 - New Zealand vs Pakistan Predicted Correctly

Nothing to be amazed here isn't it ? because as Pakistanis feel like they are playing at their home as the conditions are same as Pakistan and also their players were played lot in Sri Lanka recently with Sri Lanka and in SLPL too. so kiwi will not be strength enough to give a fight to Pakistan to win this match.

Group A : 10th T20 - England vs India Predicted Correctly

Though Indians did not participate to SLPL they had an awesome series with Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka recently and they were brilliant aren't they ? so they will keep their good form in Sri Lanka and they will definitely win this match.

Group B : 11th T20 - West Indies vs Ireland Match has been abandoned, anyway if west indies could bat definitely the target should have been a very easy one for them

Do i need to predict this ? but do not forget Ireland also have some great players for this format as they normally playing lots of t20 s in domestic levels. but it will not enough to defeat west indian big army. west indies will win this one for sure.

Group D : 12th T20 - Bangladesh vs Pakistan  = Predicted Correctly

This match also is not easy to predict as we all know Bangladesh is a team that cannot be predicted, some day they are playing very well some days they were like the beginners for cricket. but though Bangladesh lost  this match and thrown out of the world cup they will defeat this match with giving a good fight to Pakistan. this will be a very close game for sure.

So i have predicted all the preliminary matches, now i have to predict the super eight matches, before that we will find out who are in the super eights

So far my prediction for 2 matches went wrong out of 12, but all of them were affected by rain.

Group A - England, India
Group B - Australia,West Indies
Group C - Sri Lanka, South Africa
Group D - Pakistan, New Zealand

All of the above teams will categorize into 2 another groups at this stage

Super Eight Group 1
1. England
2. West Indies
3. Sri Lanka
4. New Zealand

Super Eight Group 2
1. India
2. Australia
3. South Africa
4. Pakistan

So the super eight matches will be played like below

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Predicted Correctly (What a match it was, super over won by Sri lanka)

Sri Lanka will carries out the good form in the preliminary rounds and they can easily beat New Zealand. In this match the kiwis will struggle to bat against srilankan spinners.

England vs West Indies Predicted Correctly

West Indies batting power will rise again here and they will win, but England also will fight hard on this match.

Pakistan vs South Africa Predicted Wrong

Hmmm... bit hard to predict, but i think South Africa is a very strong team than Pakistan these days, as they have a good unit in batting and bowling both. When the things is not going their way (Even slightly) Pakistan team is becoming a mess, lots of players trying to blame the others in the field etc..... but spearhead Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal will be a threat to South Africa. but anyway South Africans will use their batting performance than their bowling performance in this match they will win this match.

India vs Australia Predicted Wrong

Though aussies got a good team, i think indian batting is in a good form at this point and they will come up with their best and will win this one comfortably.

England vs New Zealand
 Predicted Correctly

England also got a well balanced team this time, and New Zealand too, but the England all round performance will be enough to beat New Zealand at this match

Sri Lanka vs West Indies Predicted Correctly

When we look at the both teams definitely west indies have the more weight, but as i experienced though west indies do have fire power and talent, when it comes to play as a team they are bit low in performance, but sri lanka will play hard on this match and right balance will make them the victory of this match. Sri Lanka will out Chris Gayle before he is start to fire (Possibly using Sri Lankan spinners) and Sri Lanka willl win this one.

Australia vs South Africa Predicted Wrong

South Africa is a strong team at this point compare to Australia, and Africans is well up to the tasks, Aussies will lost this one though they did not expected

Pakistan vs India Predicted Correctly

This match will be a very close match as always india vs pakistan matches goes. though pakistan beat india in warm up match, india will come up with new plans and will win this one, specially the spinners of india will play a major role of this match

West Indies vs New Zealand = Predicted Correctly

West Indies will play like a unit and will win this one. their both departments will play well in this match. Sunil Narine will be a threat to New Zealand than they expected.

England vs Sri Lanka = Predicted Correctly

England will try their best to win this one, but Sri Lanka will win this one with spinning power as England are not much good for the spinners, hope fully Sri Lanka will use Mendis, Akila or Mendis and Rangana, that means 2 spinners along with someone like Jeewan Mendis

Australia vs Pakistan = Predicted Correctly

Pakistan definitely the favorites of this match because they got a good spinning unit, and hopefully they will be able to out aussies openers, Shane Watson and David Warner early with using Mohommed Haffeez or Saeed Ajmal early in the inning.

India vs South Africa = Predicted Wrong

South Africans bowling, batting is in a good form at this point, and their fast bowling unit will not let Indian batsmen to get lots of runs.

So at the end of the Super eight fixtures the Point tables will be like below

 Super Eight Group 1

1. Sri Lanka >>> Played - 3 Win - 3 Points -  = Predicted Correctly
2. West Indies >>> Played - 3 Win - 2 Points - 4 = Predicted Correctly
3. England >>> Played - 3 Win - 1 Points - 2 = Predicted Correctly
4. New Zealand >>> Played - 3 Win - 0 Points - 0 = Predicted Correctly

Super Eight Group 2

1. South Africa >>> Played - 3 Win - 3 Points - Predicted Wrong
2. India >>> Played - 3 Win - 2 Points - Predicted Correctly
3. Pakistan >>> Played - 3 Win - 1 Points - Predicted Wrong
4. Australia >>> Played - 3 Win - 0 Points - Predicted Wrong

So the Semi Finals will be played like below.

Sri Lanka(Predicted Correctly) vs India
West Indies(Predicted Correctly) vs South Africa

Don't they are the favorites before the Series ? I think yes. So now we are the Business End of the series. So we will predict it also

Sri Lanka(Predicted Correctly)vs India

Here it comes, very hard to predict. yes India have beaten Sri Lanka in last t20 they played in Sri Lanka and laso the warm up match. but Sri Lanka were not that much bad in that match. and do not forget Sri Lanka played without Nuwan Kulasekara and Kumar Sangakkara (In last indian visit to Sri Lanka), and both are included to the t20 squad, that means both of them are fine now. so Sri Lanka with 100% strength with Experience, Youth, Unorthodox etc... and Sri Lanka need to win this game badly because they have the defeat in their mind (WC Final and Recent Tournament) like a wound in their mind and they will fight to win this one for sure.

West Indies(Predicted Correctly) vs South Africa

Battle between Batsmen. Both side consist of good batting line up with few all rounders. but South African bowling unit is far better than West Indies on and off bowling unit. South Africans will manage to pull this one off and enter in to the T20 World cup final. South African bowling attack will destroy West Indian batting line up and the batsmen of South Africans will play very intelligently to the West Indian Bowlers. At this time South Africa is not the team who came to Sri Lanka at the beginning of this world cup, They totally adhere to the conditions and once they settles in , it's very tough to beat them.

Finally we have came to end of the tournament. It's the Big Final on 7th of October 2012, Local time is 8.00 PM. We can expect surely the full house capacity in the grounds because home team made in to the finals. Which team will go to the Cricket History as the winners in 2012 T20 World Cup ?

Will Sri Lankan will able to wipe the tears of World Cup 2011 and wining with style ?
Will South Africans able to remove their tag as Chokers by wining the 2012 T20 world cup and let the world know how much confidence they have in their team.

Finals : Sri Lanka (Predicted Correctly) vs South Africa

Okay, here we go with my final prediction of this tournament. Hardest prediction ever, because both teams deserves to be in the Finals. though South Africa beaten by Sri Lankans in the preliminary round with a very close match (According to my predictions :) ) Sri Lankan also know that it's not easy to play with Africans. And South African players in two minds. one is they will feel they are tagged as Chokers, and it will be bit stress, and also they will feel and they will up their morals by thinking, "we will remove the chokers tag today for sure" and they definitely do not want to take that burden forward.

So we will think about the both teams now, and both teams and also wining of this format of cricket always depend on the All Rounders. Sri Lanka have Angelo Mathews, Thisara Perera, Jeewan Mendis South African have JP Dumini, Jacque Kallis, Albie Morkel.

In fast bowling we can say that Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Kulasekara will be a big strength for Sri Lanka as well as Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn for South Africa.

In Spinning attack Rangana Herath, Akila Dananjaya, Ajantha Mendis and for South Africa Johan Botha, Robin Peterson, JP Duminy.

In batting if Mahela, Sangakkara and Dilshan in a good form at this point just think how much effect it to the opposition. Not only Sri Lankan batsmen, if AB Deviliers, Albie Morkel, Jacque Kallis also in a good form hope you can understand how much the threat it will be.

So looks like both the team evenly match. and very hard to select a winner by words. isnt it ?

But anyway i want to finish what i started, if i did not predict this one, this whole post is useless :) . So here is the prediction. Though Sri Lankans bowling were the strength throughout the tournament, in this match Sri Lankan batsmen will put up their maximum effort. but the bowlers also will play a key role to make the South African batsmen to make more mistakes at crucial times of their inning.

This also will be a very close match, but finally Sri Lanka will be hold their nerves to became the Champions of World T20 2012. And the crowd will be over the moon and whole island will lighten with their teams' achievement. and the South African will have to keep their tag "Chokers" until the next big event comes to prove they are not the "Chokers"

T20 World Cup 2012 Winners : Sri Lanka Predicted Wrong

Please note: I have predict this by taken the players' Recent Form, Condition Advantage, Crowd Support, History, Individual Highlighted Players in each team, How they have faced in big moments in recent past. and most importantly playing as a team, unit and the strategies they can have. 

Disclaim : I have not use this post to insult to any country or any player. If anyone wants to put this post to any place you can do that, but please share my blog link somewhere in your post that indicate you have taken from this my blog.

Conclusion : These are my sole ideas, and thought to structured them nicely in somewhere , so i thought my blog is the best place for that. It was fun to analyze the fixtures one by one and hope you also had some fun while reading it :) . but anyway i  know this wont happen 100%  as t20 cricket is a format that very hard to predict, with one bad over whole the match can be changed. and there are 2 things that mind says this may be wrong :) one is may be Bangladesh will make in to the Super Eight by Putting New Zealand out of the Super Eight, and other one is Pakistan will make a big impact than i predict on this. by the way we will see what happen. Anyway no doubt  this will be a very interesting tournament and also the Best T20 World Cup Ever.

Thanks you for your time to read my post
Charitha Ranasingha

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bullshit posts about Lasith Malinga - Cannot Agree

I Have seen a post about lasith malinga in the facebook, i do not know why people are murmuring like idiots, before i express my ideas here is the picture they posted

Here is my idea :

if he plays for sri lanka well only he can survive in other tournaments also, just think if we got a feeling and care about our country like this, can you imagine the feeling of the people who represent the country, they will always put country first,

Everyday, every match, people cannot be successful though they put 100% effort. that's what the cricket is... these things posting by the people who even haven't play any cricket, if they do they know how are the things going on.

As an example did you guys ever heard any former cricketer or present cricketers or commentators saying as like these posts are saying. no never because they know the scene very well than the guys watching outside the cricket matches from the pavilion (if any former cricketer say something about playing in IPL, they only saying the players get tired than usual because of the tight match schedules)

If he really going after money he can quit the playing cricket to sri lanka right now as he already earned enough money to live till he dies, or he can play only in IPL,BPL,Big Bash etc.... only and he can earn more than he is playing to country.

So why then he still playing to Srilanka.

Think before speaks like stupids.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrilling moments to come in the World cup, keep praying and dreaming

Well, had a very busy time and finally got a time to write on my blog, CWC now getting more hot and it’s in the final stages these days, windies, aussies both went home already . aussies didn’t expected it for sure, and they have wakt by the Asians by Indians and Pakistanis. But as a srilankan I will be glad if australia come to final with srilanka, because hope you all can remember the way they defeat srilanka in 2007 final (very ugly)

And I don’t know why my mind saying we want to get that revenge this time. But it’s almost over, and we will not get a chance for that, and let’s see in the 2015 at least.

Have to say about Pakistan team, they came to the tournament with nothing, and even the seniors (Inzamam ul haq) was saying that the late decision on the selecting a captain to Pakistan team will be affecting to the team pakistan badly in the WC. But I think it doesn’t matter who is the captain and if the team got talent the can go further, even the captain is worst if others are good, they will go through, because captain is not the only one playing this game . Somehow Pakistan became a big threat in this world cup, they got a good team. And I am afraid that may be Indian will drop from the WC in the semi final [As Indian astrologist also predicts that they can see india’s path only to the semi finals]

Anyway now one semi final is already set, india vs Pakistan, whoa how thrilling game that will be, and my mind saying that Pakistan will go through to the final.

And one QF is today South Africa vs New Zealand, everyone may think that SA will win, but who can predict t that may be NZ will win, do not forget they are the only team who beat Pakistan as Sri Lanka and Australia didn’t managed to do that so. And I am afraid that this time also the Africans’ dream to come to a WC final at least will be broken. My heart says don’t happen like that, and that will be a very pathetic and sensitive situation though to SA if they failed.

And another QF tomorrow, dazzling weekend in srilanka, ooh ooooh Srilanka vs England, as everyone already like to predict Srilanka will win this one easily as the England is not at their best, and inconsistency of them may placed them bit lower than srilanka. But do not forget England beat SA and that will indicate something to think for srilankans when they are planning the QF strategies. And also do not forget England beaten by Bangladesh and that will give a bit relief to srilankans.

Srilankans also going well and they beat other teams by a respective margin than other teams, and also they are the only team who gave inform Pakistan team with to a good fight than other teams. But with look at all the stats looks like srilanka in far ahead than England.

My only concern in srilankan’s batting. Because as we saw in last matches and recent matches our batting order is heavily depending on sangakkara or mahela. And dilshan is not in at his best also, and even tharanga, we cannot sure whether he will get going or not, and just think if dilshan, tharang, sanga, mahela got out for around 50 runs will srianka survive. Thilan and chamara silva can be effective but they are also not consistent these days, but for all good Mathews could find some form in the last math, and that’s a good thing as we look at the srilanka batting order, we were very glad when the WC start that we have a good hitting power at the depth along with Mathews, kapugedara and specially thisar a perera. But now only the Mathews is survived, and I don’t think srilanka will change the team next time. Bur as it is quarter finals I think srilanka should give a chance to thisara perera again, and if he gets in form he will be very effective in the semi and the final if srilanka go through, and also I would like if kapugedara gets a chance here as well, as they will be very effective to this format of cricket while chamara silva and thilan stamped as defensive players more than hard hitting players.

Anyway now the world cup is in a big stage and it wil be dramatic in next few days, sensitive things will happen as lots of guyz are going to stop their cricker career after this world cup, and each and every player decided to end their career this time will like to hold the world cup in their hands and celebrate the happy ending, but if it’s didn’t happened how pathetic that will be for them, and may be their decision might be changed if they lose [Everyone likes to quit their career with a respect].

So WC already set up for a thrilling semi final, India vs Pakistan, no love and lust between them, and hope the form shows that SRI vs SA will come in other side, and if I am a srilankan I have to say frankly my only concer is South Africa match as they are a good team this time very hard to beat, but do not forget, if Dilshan, Sanga, Mahela goes well and Malinga, Kulasekara, Murali , Ajantha goes well with bowling sri lanka also very tough to beat. Hope the main players in srilanka will get to their consistent form in the QF and SF.

So cannot wait until the final comes in the way, I know me and you and all of the cricket lovers are staring at the WC to see who will get it this time. Keep praying dreaming, it’s a nice game. Isn’t it.

By Charitha Ranasingha

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cricket Mania becomes the sixth in the world

Cricket Mania blog become the sixth place among the cricket blogs in the world.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Prediction On Cricket World Cup 2011

So here is my prediction on world cup.

As the group stands i am ordering them to following way when start the quarter finals stage

Group A

1.Sri Lanka - As always good for sub continent conditions with very balanced team

2.Australia - As they have the winning habit and they can get used to sub continent as well

3.Pakistan - They came down to no3 because they had not plan well always , even the captaincy of the team they decided recently, and some problems came up with spot fixing, but they will be really happy the way they played through out the world cup with all those problems

4.New Zealand - As other teams are not suit for this fourth postion definitly that will be kiwies

Group B

1.South Africa - You surprised ? why India did not come to 1st place ?? i will describe it later. anyway as South African showed unexpected talent in sub continent in history and their talent with bat and bowl will get them to top in group B

2.India - India may frustrated with the place they got, but... they will be dreaming the WC without any hesitation. reason they become the 2nd in group B is the pressure that they are having with their own crowed and the players injuries as they have played so many games recently than other teams.

3.England - England with beaten by Aussies, they will be in loosing mentality and they will be come to 3rd place as they like to be a hot favorite in this contest

4.West Indies - As New Zealand there may not a team that will suit to no 4 position :)

So the quarter finals will be

1.SRI vs WI = SRI - As sri lanka defeat them in their last 2 matches in srilanka, surely lankans will do it easily here.

2.AUS vs ENG = AUS - Oh ohhhh, as i said earlier with the loosing mind england will lost this one too.

3.PAK vs IND = IND - This can be a most crowded match in WC history as always IND vs PAK is very hot, and no love and lust between them. finally india will get the match as Indians having a great team than Pakistan.

4.NZ vs SA = SA - No comments, SA is far better than kiwis at the moment

Semi Finals will Be

1.SRI vs IND = SRI - In this match there can be some stuffs throwing from the pavilion to ground as in 1996 semi final (even they are in sri lanka stadium to came to watch the semi final) by Indian spectators, but finally sri lanka will win the match with their all round performance + spectator support, and also India may face for a big pressure with their expectations of the spectators.

2.AUS vs SA = SA - This can be a tough match, but.. SA is well ahead that Aussies at this moment and SA will get this match to them with their all round performance.

Finals will be

1.SRI vs SA - Sri lanka top order will be collapsed because of Dale Steyn Bowling as srilankans didnt face to him a lot and recently, but because of sri lankan low order batting ability and because of the talent of bowling ability sri lanka will be the winners

Victory : Sri Lanka

Posted By : Charitha Ranasingha, Sri Lanka 

(Do not think i wrote this because of a sri lankan, i just go through the history, recent matches and then only i predicted this, let's see what will happen)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sri Lanka lose $125,000 on Windies series

Sri Lanka Cricket on Saturday said it had lost $125,000 after bad weather forced a one-day series against the visiting West Indies to be rescheduled.
The series was due to be played in December but has been postponed to this month and early February, and reduced from five matches to three.
Sri Lanka Cricket Chief Executive Ajith Jayasekera said the board lost television fees of $25,000 for each of the matches to be played.
He also clarified that the series would not be telecast by Broadcast Partners Ten Sports as it was considered a separate tour in another month and not considered as a part of the previous. These matches will however be broadcast by the Sri Lankan National channel Rupavahini. It will not be telecast to international audience.
The series consisted of matches that were to be played at two of the venues for the World Cup. However, now the venue has been shifted.
However, Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara played down any significance to the switch ahead of the World Cup.
“Our mental approach has to be regardless of getting experience on the wickets. There is a World Cup to be played, and played well. So our preparation is going to be the same,” he said.
“We are strong enough and we have the character to deal with whatever comes our way.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No World Cup venues for Sri Lanka-West Indies series

Sri Lanka and West Indies will play each of their three ODIs, in the series scheduled to start on January 31, at the SSC in the Colombo and not at the country's venues for next month's World Cup, as was planned earlier. ICC rules, according to Sri Lanka Cricket's media manager Brian Thomas, only allow teams to practice but not play international matches at World Cup venues just prior to the tournament.
"The World Cup venues for matches have been officially handed over to the ICC (International Cricket Council) this month and ICC rules allow us to practice but not play until the World Cup starts," Thomas told AFP. The three ODIs will all be day games, though Hambantota and the renovated Premadasa Stadium in Colombo were earlier scheduled to host day-night matches during the series.
The series was postponed to the end of January after rain had marred West Indies' Test series in Sri Lanka last year.
January 31: First ODI, SSC
Feb 4: Second ODI, SSC
Feb 6: Third ODI, SSC

Cricket World Cup Records


  • Highest team score: 413/5 – India vs. Bermuda, 2007
  • Lowest team score: 36 all out – Canada vs. Sri Lanka, 2003
  • Highest successful run chase: 313/7 – Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe, 1992
  • Highest individual score: 188, Gary Kirsten – South Africa vs. UAE
  • Biggest partnership for any wicket: 318, Rahul Dravid & Sourav Ganguly (2nd wicket) – India vs. Sri Lanka
  • Largest winning margin in a Cricket World Cup match: 257 runs – India vs. Bermuda, 2007
  • Smallest winning margin: 1 run – Australia vs. India, 1987 & 1992


  • Most consecutive World Cup matches won: 23, Australia 1999-2007
  • Most consecutive World Cup matches lost: 18, Zimbabwe 1983-1992
  • Most Cricket World Cup matches won: 53, Australia
  • Most Cricket World Cup matches lost: 33, Zimbabwe


  • Most runs in all Cricket World Cups: 1796, Sachin Tendulkar
  • Most runs by a batsman in a single tournament: 673 in 11 innings, Sachin Tendulkar – 2003 Cricket World Cup
  • Quickest century: 66 balls, Matthew Hayden – Australia vs. South Africa
  • Fastest fifty: 20 balls, Brendon McCullum – New Zealand vs. Canada
  • Highest strike rate in Cricket World Cups: 115.14, Kapil Dev (India)
  • Highest average in Cricket World Cups: 63.31, Viv Richards
  • Most ducks in Cricket World Cups: 22, Nathan Astle


  • Most wickets in all Cricket World Cups: 71, Glenn McGrath
  • Best bowling figures in a single match: 7/15, Glenn McGrath – Australia vs. Namibia
  • Most wickets in consecutive balls: 4, Lasith Malinga – Sri Lanka vs. South Africa
  • Most wickets in a single tournament: 26, Glenn McGrath (Australia)
  • Lowest economy rate: 3.24, Andy Roberts (West Indies)
  • Best strike rate: 27.5, Glenn McGrath (Australia)


  • Most catches in the Cricket World Cup: 25, Ricky Ponting (Australia)
  • Most dismissals by a wicket keeper in the Cricket World Cup: 52, Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Most catches in a single match: 4, Mohammad Kaif (India)
  • Most dismissals in a single match: 6, Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Most catches in a tournament: 11, Ricky Ponting (Australia)
  • Most dismissals in a tournament: 12, Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Most extras conceded by a team in a single match: 59, Scotland


  • Most experienced Cricket World Cup umpire: David Shepard, 46 matches
  • Oldest player to compete in a Cricket World Cup: Nolan Clarke, 47 years, 257 days
  • Youngest player to compete in a Cricket World Cup: Talha Jubair, 17 years, 70 days

Cricket world cup 2011 prize money

The Cricket world cup 2011 prize money decided by the International Cricket Council is 10 million US dollars. The tournament is going to be held in the Indian Sub-Continent. The high amount signified the importance that has been given to the tournament. This new amount that has been fixed is double the prize money that was fixed in the world cup of 2007. The prize money then was five million US dollars. Post the IPL, the world cup fever went slightly low. Hence, the increase in the prize money is to reinforce the significance of this grand sport event. 

ICC 2011 Prize Money Divisions 

The International Cricket Council has also allotted separate amount for the winners as well as the runners up. The list is given below.

The Winning Team gets an amount of 3,000,000 US dollars
The runner up gets an amount of 1,500,000 US dollars
The Semi-final losers get an amount of 750,000 US dollars
The 5th Place Team gets 370,000 US dollars
The 6th Place Team gets 370,000 US dollars
The 7th Place Team gets 370,000 US dollars
The 8th Place Team gets 370,000 US dollars
The Winners of the 1st round tournament are allotted 60,000 US dollars. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buy tickets for Cricket World Cup 2011 online

The tickets for ICC Cricket World cup 2011 are available online. The first phase of tickets for the 2011 World Cup in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is on and are available on Kyazoonga- ICC's online ticket partner for the world cup.

In the phase I, you can buy the tickets of Group matches. The price range is different with the lowest being 20 cents. However, the tickets for semi-finals and finals of the World cup are not on sale. You can sign up for the for the alert to get notified when they become available.

The price of tickets for World cup 2011 has been lowered after many stadiums remained empty in 2007 world cup at West Indies. The response seems to be brilliant. Almost all of the tickets in Phase I for India's matches has been sold out.

Kyazoonga has offered a lot of options for buying tickets. Follow your team offers you to buy tickets for all the matches of your team. There are also options for "love your city" and corporate/bulk order.

No concern over preparedness of World Cup venues - Shetty

With 25 days to go for the 2011 World Cup, Ratnakar Shetty, the tournament's director, has dismissed concerns about the preparedness of venues for the event.
There had been worries over the redevelopment of grounds in India and Sri Lanka, which had overshot their initial deadlines on November 30 and December 31, but Shetty said they were now on track.
"I think the concerns are more in the media than anything else," Shetty said following the ICC's inspection on Monday of the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, one of the grounds that was running behind schedule. "As far as we are concerned, all the 13 venues which are going to stage the World Cup are coming up very well and we don't see any reason of concern."
The ICC team, comprising their stadium consultant Eugene van Vuuren, the body's general commercial manager Campbell Jamieson and events manager Chris Tetley, will next visit Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Tuesday to check out its status. While the Wankhede has had all its stands completely rebuilt, Eden Gardens had two stands renovated.
The tournament kicks off on February 19, with India taking on Bangladesh in Mirpur. The Wankhede will host the final on April 2, in addition to league games on March 13 and 18. Eden Gardens will host four matches, with the first one scheduled for February 27.

Source : ESPN CricInfo