Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Prediction On Cricket World Cup 2011

So here is my prediction on world cup.

As the group stands i am ordering them to following way when start the quarter finals stage

Group A

1.Sri Lanka - As always good for sub continent conditions with very balanced team

2.Australia - As they have the winning habit and they can get used to sub continent as well

3.Pakistan - They came down to no3 because they had not plan well always , even the captaincy of the team they decided recently, and some problems came up with spot fixing, but they will be really happy the way they played through out the world cup with all those problems

4.New Zealand - As other teams are not suit for this fourth postion definitly that will be kiwies

Group B

1.South Africa - You surprised ? why India did not come to 1st place ?? i will describe it later. anyway as South African showed unexpected talent in sub continent in history and their talent with bat and bowl will get them to top in group B

2.India - India may frustrated with the place they got, but... they will be dreaming the WC without any hesitation. reason they become the 2nd in group B is the pressure that they are having with their own crowed and the players injuries as they have played so many games recently than other teams.

3.England - England with beaten by Aussies, they will be in loosing mentality and they will be come to 3rd place as they like to be a hot favorite in this contest

4.West Indies - As New Zealand there may not a team that will suit to no 4 position :)

So the quarter finals will be

1.SRI vs WI = SRI - As sri lanka defeat them in their last 2 matches in srilanka, surely lankans will do it easily here.

2.AUS vs ENG = AUS - Oh ohhhh, as i said earlier with the loosing mind england will lost this one too.

3.PAK vs IND = IND - This can be a most crowded match in WC history as always IND vs PAK is very hot, and no love and lust between them. finally india will get the match as Indians having a great team than Pakistan.

4.NZ vs SA = SA - No comments, SA is far better than kiwis at the moment

Semi Finals will Be

1.SRI vs IND = SRI - In this match there can be some stuffs throwing from the pavilion to ground as in 1996 semi final (even they are in sri lanka stadium to came to watch the semi final) by Indian spectators, but finally sri lanka will win the match with their all round performance + spectator support, and also India may face for a big pressure with their expectations of the spectators.

2.AUS vs SA = SA - This can be a tough match, but.. SA is well ahead that Aussies at this moment and SA will get this match to them with their all round performance.

Finals will be

1.SRI vs SA - Sri lanka top order will be collapsed because of Dale Steyn Bowling as srilankans didnt face to him a lot and recently, but because of sri lankan low order batting ability and because of the talent of bowling ability sri lanka will be the winners

Victory : Sri Lanka

Posted By : Charitha Ranasingha, Sri Lanka 

(Do not think i wrote this because of a sri lankan, i just go through the history, recent matches and then only i predicted this, let's see what will happen)


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indian win the semi finall and defeat the pakistan, its really great sharing, and i hope that you will keep it up and will share more information as like this
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