Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who will win ICC T20 World Cup 2014 - My Prediction

I am very happy that most of the people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are following my blog and specially my predictions.

You wont believe Some are saying that they are doing the betting also by looking at my predictions.

But i must say that im not an astrologist or someone, But a huge fan of cricket. I just analyze the squad and their current team and the form they are in, and the pitch conditions and predicting them. But i think it's reliable than astrology :) . But do not blame me if you lost in betting ;)

But as T20 is a format that can change my prediction from one ball, But fortunately in 2012 T20 World Cup i could predict most of the games correctly (90%). Here if you like to have a look at it

Stay tuned i am gonna predict the T20 2014 world cup predictions also before starts the Super 10 Matches, As in these qualifying round do not have anything to predict as surely Bangladesh and Ireland going to Super 10.

So stay tuned :)

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