Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrilling moments to come in the World cup, keep praying and dreaming

Well, had a very busy time and finally got a time to write on my blog, CWC now getting more hot and it’s in the final stages these days, windies, aussies both went home already . aussies didn’t expected it for sure, and they have wakt by the Asians by Indians and Pakistanis. But as a srilankan I will be glad if australia come to final with srilanka, because hope you all can remember the way they defeat srilanka in 2007 final (very ugly)

And I don’t know why my mind saying we want to get that revenge this time. But it’s almost over, and we will not get a chance for that, and let’s see in the 2015 at least.

Have to say about Pakistan team, they came to the tournament with nothing, and even the seniors (Inzamam ul haq) was saying that the late decision on the selecting a captain to Pakistan team will be affecting to the team pakistan badly in the WC. But I think it doesn’t matter who is the captain and if the team got talent the can go further, even the captain is worst if others are good, they will go through, because captain is not the only one playing this game . Somehow Pakistan became a big threat in this world cup, they got a good team. And I am afraid that may be Indian will drop from the WC in the semi final [As Indian astrologist also predicts that they can see india’s path only to the semi finals]

Anyway now one semi final is already set, india vs Pakistan, whoa how thrilling game that will be, and my mind saying that Pakistan will go through to the final.

And one QF is today South Africa vs New Zealand, everyone may think that SA will win, but who can predict t that may be NZ will win, do not forget they are the only team who beat Pakistan as Sri Lanka and Australia didn’t managed to do that so. And I am afraid that this time also the Africans’ dream to come to a WC final at least will be broken. My heart says don’t happen like that, and that will be a very pathetic and sensitive situation though to SA if they failed.

And another QF tomorrow, dazzling weekend in srilanka, ooh ooooh Srilanka vs England, as everyone already like to predict Srilanka will win this one easily as the England is not at their best, and inconsistency of them may placed them bit lower than srilanka. But do not forget England beat SA and that will indicate something to think for srilankans when they are planning the QF strategies. And also do not forget England beaten by Bangladesh and that will give a bit relief to srilankans.

Srilankans also going well and they beat other teams by a respective margin than other teams, and also they are the only team who gave inform Pakistan team with to a good fight than other teams. But with look at all the stats looks like srilanka in far ahead than England.

My only concern in srilankan’s batting. Because as we saw in last matches and recent matches our batting order is heavily depending on sangakkara or mahela. And dilshan is not in at his best also, and even tharanga, we cannot sure whether he will get going or not, and just think if dilshan, tharang, sanga, mahela got out for around 50 runs will srianka survive. Thilan and chamara silva can be effective but they are also not consistent these days, but for all good Mathews could find some form in the last math, and that’s a good thing as we look at the srilanka batting order, we were very glad when the WC start that we have a good hitting power at the depth along with Mathews, kapugedara and specially thisar a perera. But now only the Mathews is survived, and I don’t think srilanka will change the team next time. Bur as it is quarter finals I think srilanka should give a chance to thisara perera again, and if he gets in form he will be very effective in the semi and the final if srilanka go through, and also I would like if kapugedara gets a chance here as well, as they will be very effective to this format of cricket while chamara silva and thilan stamped as defensive players more than hard hitting players.

Anyway now the world cup is in a big stage and it wil be dramatic in next few days, sensitive things will happen as lots of guyz are going to stop their cricker career after this world cup, and each and every player decided to end their career this time will like to hold the world cup in their hands and celebrate the happy ending, but if it’s didn’t happened how pathetic that will be for them, and may be their decision might be changed if they lose [Everyone likes to quit their career with a respect].

So WC already set up for a thrilling semi final, India vs Pakistan, no love and lust between them, and hope the form shows that SRI vs SA will come in other side, and if I am a srilankan I have to say frankly my only concer is South Africa match as they are a good team this time very hard to beat, but do not forget, if Dilshan, Sanga, Mahela goes well and Malinga, Kulasekara, Murali , Ajantha goes well with bowling sri lanka also very tough to beat. Hope the main players in srilanka will get to their consistent form in the QF and SF.

So cannot wait until the final comes in the way, I know me and you and all of the cricket lovers are staring at the WC to see who will get it this time. Keep praying dreaming, it’s a nice game. Isn’t it.

By Charitha Ranasingha

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