Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bullshit posts about Lasith Malinga - Cannot Agree

I Have seen a post about lasith malinga in the facebook, i do not know why people are murmuring like idiots, before i express my ideas here is the picture they posted

Here is my idea :

if he plays for sri lanka well only he can survive in other tournaments also, just think if we got a feeling and care about our country like this, can you imagine the feeling of the people who represent the country, they will always put country first,

Everyday, every match, people cannot be successful though they put 100% effort. that's what the cricket is... these things posting by the people who even haven't play any cricket, if they do they know how are the things going on.

As an example did you guys ever heard any former cricketer or present cricketers or commentators saying as like these posts are saying. no never because they know the scene very well than the guys watching outside the cricket matches from the pavilion (if any former cricketer say something about playing in IPL, they only saying the players get tired than usual because of the tight match schedules)

If he really going after money he can quit the playing cricket to sri lanka right now as he already earned enough money to live till he dies, or he can play only in IPL,BPL,Big Bash etc.... only and he can earn more than he is playing to country.

So why then he still playing to Srilanka.

Think before speaks like stupids.

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